Our minimum finance criteria …

  • minimum finance amount from R1M up to R25M
  • you are a small to mid-sized business [SME] in operation for 3 or more years
  • minimum R10M annual turnover or
  • alternatively, R5M to R10M annual turnover, if there is a growth context [e.g. a contract, project or large PO]

Other important criteria …

Spartan is strictly focused on Small & Growing Businesses … this is who we finance. We’re 100% committed to only helping SMEs grow. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our processes. It’s in the way we engage.

We do not serve start-ups, micro or lifestyle businesses.

We believe we can make a greater impact by financing Small & Growing Businesses. They are defined as commercially viable businesses that have significant potential for growth.

Our minimum finance amount is R1M and can go up to R25M. Some of our finance facilities can be structured as revolving facilities, where appropriate.

  • we do not serve start-ups, micro or lifestyle businesses
  • you are a small to mid-sized business in operation for 3 or more years
  • with a minimum annual turnover of R10M or
  • alternatively with an annual turnover between R5M – R10M, provided there is some current growth context [for example a contract, project or acquisition]
  • we focus exclusively on South African SME’s
  • if your business is based in South Africa but also operates outside of South Africa then we may be able to finance you
  • we define collateral as a tangible asset, with a liquid, secondary market [e.g. property]
  • we define security as a legal instrument that provides some comfort [e.g. cession of debtors]
  • depending on the nature and context of the financing required we will often require some form of collateral/security however
  • as an alternative financier we also try to give consideration to the needs of the business and its context
  • in certain cases security/collateral can take forms more relevant to purchase orders and contracts

Whilst we finance Small & Growing Businesses across all industries – we find that the businesses in the following segments tend to get significant benefit from our niche finance offerings:

  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • engineering
  • tech businesses
  • education
  • healthcare
  • business services
  • professional services firms
  • project related businesses
  • contract related businesses
  • digital media
  • agribusiness

It’s both our philosophy & policy not to finance businesses that negatively impact People and Planet.

  • Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, or subject to international bans, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides, ozone depleting substances, PCB’s, wildlife or products regulated under CITES.
  • Production or trade in weapons and munitions.
  • Production or trade in alcoholic beverages (excluding beer and wine) (Primary).
  • Production or trade in tobacco (Primary).
  • Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises (Primary).
  • Production or trade in radioactive materials.
  • Production or trade in unbounded asbestos fibres.
  • Drift net fishing in the marine environment using nets in excess of 2.5 km. in length.
  • Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labour/harmful child labour.
  • Commercial logging operations for use in primary tropical moist forest.
  • Production or trade in wood or other forestry products other than from sustainably managed forests.
  • Industries related to pornography