Is e-signing safe?

e-signing business documentation is a serious, highly confidential process – you can’t afford to take risks here, that’s why:

  • all of your e-signing information is totally confidential
  • a number of measures ensure that the e-sign technology is fully secure
  • the e-sign process has been verified to be completely legal

More on e-signing’s security …

Spartan makes use of an e-signature technology tool called DocuSign:

  • includes full document encryption [256-bit SSL] and tamper-sealed certificates – see details
  • whenever you e-sign a document… DocuSign will send you a confirmation email with the PDF of what you have signed for
  • geo-mapping technology protects you and triangulates the safety of your e-signing
  • includes a clear, non-repudiation, tamper-proof audit trail and redundant and geo-dispersed data centers
  • DocuSign employs professional, commercial grade firewalls and border routers, active monitoring and alerting

fact: law firms, banks and blue chip enterprises are among the 48 million users of DocuSign for the e-signing of their paperwork

Why is e-signing safe with us?

  • DocuSign is the only eSignature company in the world in total, full compliance with the ESIGN Act that’s why Spartan is using it – only the safest for our clients
  • DocuSign meets eSignature legal standards in South African law as per the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002
  • DocuSign is also fully legal in 188 other countries around the world and meets the legal standards outlined in the Global and National Commerce Act of 2000
  • Read the full legality measures surrounding DocuSign here

How do I e-sign my docs?

need to know how to e-sign?

  • find out how to e-sign with our 2 minute tutorial video or our step-by-step guide

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