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Close more deals – by partnering with Spartan

Our structured finance approach & diverse funding products – will satisfy your clients’ wider needs

why partner with Spartan ?

We don’t operate like a bank.
Basic/vanilla finance is not what we do.
Our focus is on more complex growth related funding.

Spartan and our Advisors, Partners and Intermediaries  …

For over 40 years, Spartan has worked in partnership with a network of advisors, funding intermediaries, and accountants, supporting their clients with our unique structured finance and expertise. Our ability to make quicker funding decisions based on the context of each entrepreneur, means faster results for you and your clients deals.

We call our partners Spartners …

We understand the challenges that you and your clients face and our expertise and flexibility means we can adapt to a range of financial needs. Working closely with our advisors, funding intermediaries, and accountants, we find the right funding solutions and believe that by working with us, we can help you and your clients to grow.

We understand your space, we understand your challenges – and structure the funding to support your clients growth as a SME.


a name we give to our enabled partners


Help your clients grow & increase your service offering – with Spartan’s structured finance approach …

  • if you are not already offering fund raising to your clients you can add a new service to your business
  • if you are already offering it, you can now provide that finance more efficiently as any growing SME has needs that are more complex, riskier, with no/low collateral and time sensitivity …
  • Spartan comes in by providing structured finance based on each clients context and needs, whilst understanding their timelines
Funding Intermediaries
Spartan SME Finance

Funding Intermediaries

Funding Intermediaries can, by partnering with us:

  • close more clients’ deals
  • gain more fund raising mandates
  • provide a contextually relevant solution for their clients funding needs


Accountants can add a new revenue stream by offering a fund raising service to your existing client base

  • add an additional revenue stream to your business
  • leverage your existing client base
  • provide a new service to existing clients

How does it work ?

  1. apply online
  2. after submitting your application, we review it
  3. when approved, you’re assigned a Partner Development Consultant
  4. we work together on how best to offer finance to your clients
  5. click here for more details about how it works

What our SMEs say …

“you got a big brother literally backing you – they say ‘financing that backs entrepreneurs’ and they really do”

Tshidi Mndzebele, CEO AvenirHoldings

“the ability to finance … allowed us to have more capital available to hire more teachers”

Damany Gibbs, CFO at Nova Pioneer

From a franchisee point of view finance allows them to guard their working capital more closely and take the money that they would have spent and use that cash effectively to pay for our consumers who are selling us goods or borrowing money from us”

Cash ConvertersRichard Mukheibir, MD at Cash Converters South Africa

“I definitely feel like I am being backed…  I’m not afraid of anything, if there are any new contracts I know they are a phone call away.”

Chithwa Samuel Ndwandwe, MD Sinqobile Equestrian Security

A few FAQs …

A Spartner is what we call our partners … choose the option that best suits your business and the needs of your clients.

We do not serve start-ups, micro or lifestyle businesses.

You can be considered for finance if:

  • minimum finance amount from R1M up to R25M
  • minimum R10M annual turnover
  • alternatively, R5M to R10M annual turnover, if there is a growth context [e.g. a contract, project or large PO]

Depending on your unique situation, Spartan can help by crafting a finance option tailored to your exact requirements and needs.

Such as:

Our minimum finance amount is R1M and can go up to R25M. Some of our finance facilities can be structured as revolving facilities, where appropriate.

  • Bridging Finance: 1-3 months
  • Working Capital Finance: 1-3 months or 6-12 months
  • Growth Finance: 12-60 months
  • Specialised Asset Finance: 12-60 months

From the time that we have received all your information:

  • +- 5-10 days to approval
  • sometimes quicker or longer depending on your responsiveness
  • apply online
  • after submitting your application, we review it
  • when approved, you’re assigned a Partner Development Consultant
  • we work together on how best to offer finance to your clients
  • Spartan finances in a no/low collateral context, with an approx 5-10 day turnaround
  • therefore we supplement your bank rather than substitute it
  • our pricing is relative to the above
  • however, against usual secured overdraft rates – our costing is reasonable
  • we adopt a structured/customised approach to funding SMEs
  • we supplement a bank we do not substitute a bank
  • this means our clients utilise the banks for their traditional/vanilla finance needs & Spartan supplements this for their specialised/growth needs
  • your bank will typically require a higher degree & higher quality of collateral where Spartan as an alternative funder focuses more on backing an entrepreneur
  • Spartans average turnaround time is 5-10 days – for highly specialised/complex funding needs

Documents we require include:

  • online or offline finance application
  • historical financial information (for Spartan to assess business retrospectively) – this includes AFS/Management accounts and Bank account details/statements
  • business owners personal assets – we do secured and unsecured lending, this helps us with our risk mitigation

Why no business plan? We believe in meeting with the entrepreneur in order to understand the business holistically – from their perspective.

  • we define collateral as a tangible asset, with a liquid, secondary market [e.g. property]
  • we define security as a legal instrument that provides some comfort [e.g. cession of debtors]
  • depending on the nature and context of the financing required we will often require some form of collateral/security however
  • as an alternative financier we also try to give consideration to the needs of the business and its context
  • in certain cases security/collateral can take forms more relevant to purchase orders and contracts

Not yet offering funding as a service?
Add a new revenue stream to your business and leverage your client base with a fund raising service [find out how]

  • larger loan sizes [R1M to R25M]
  • range of case-specific finance options
  • unique approach to credit decisions
  • high rate of matchmaking compatibility with your existing client base

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Advisors, Intermediaries & Accountants looking for finance for your clients?

Our structured finance approach & diverse funding products – will satisfy your clients’ wider needs ...