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Explore Spartan’s culture and the impact you’d make in building our SA.

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Why work at Spartan ?

Spartan offers careers that enable you to make an impact. We’re a mission based and vision led company with a diverse culture and entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage holistic personal growth and want our people to do their best, be their best and fulfil their dreams.

What we’re about ..

Spartan has been financing businesses for over 40 years, since 1981 …

  • we only have eyes for Small & Mid-sized businesses
  • we’re an independent alternative financier
  • what’s special: our customised financing approach for SMEs
  • we’ve designed entrepreneur-centric processes – like our Credit Committee interviewing the entrepreneur
Spartan SME Finance

Our Culture …

  • our style is more entrepreneurial than corporate – because we’re in the business of financing entrepreneurs
  • we are candid, curious and conscientious
  • we run on collaboration & teamwork
  • we believe in personal growth, based on continuous learning – that’s more than just academic qualifications
  • we’re adaptable in our approach – yet begin with the end in mind [always]
  • the paradox is we’re also structured in our thinking & process orientated, because we’re a finance business after all

“To be part of a ripple effect you know is building our country is a very proud and honorable thing.  That’s what I have here, at Spartan, and that is why they have been my work family for more than 14 years.”

Nicole Reynolds-Frasca

“Working with people that ask for your input, not only in your role but across the business – makes you feel very valued. Actually seeing the impact we make in SMEs makes you feel your contributions really matter.”

Ryan Malan

“My 13 years at Spartan has helped me to grow with the magnification of company around me. I really do feel proud to be part of a team that cultivates SMEs, and these SMEs are the lifeblood of the South African economy.”

Neressa Haripershad

Purpose & Impact …

Working at Spartan means you make a real impact and difference to the SMEs we finance.

  • You get to see the end results and real growth in these SMEs – seeing the connection & consequences of our funding.
  • Be part of a team that builds our SA by backing entrepreneurs – creating more jobs.
Spartan Open ESD Fund

“you got a big brother literally backing you – they say ‘financing that backs entrepreneurs’ and they really do”

Tshidi Mndzebele, CEO AvenirHoldings

“the ability to finance … allowed us to have more capital available to hire more teachers”

Damany Gibbs, CFO at Nova Pioneer

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