How our process works

How an application works from start to end …

do I qualify?

1. Complete our quick qualify check to see if your business could qualify for finance from Spartan.

do I qualify?

what do I need?

2. If you qualify then do the application readiness check to see if you have all the required docs ready – if not we can assist.

what do I need to apply?


3. If you qualify and have all your docs ready to apply then go ahead and complete our online application form (you can save & continue this at any time).
We also offer an offline application where you talk directly with us throughout the process should you prefer.

apply online


4. As we don’t believe in requesting business plans – the interview with the entrepreneur allows us to get an appreciation for their business model, strategies and vision. This happens either in-person or via a Skype video call.


5. Once our compliance team checks that all the paperwork is good-to-go then we proceed to pay-out. Pay-out is usually same/next day [for working capital finance].

Min and max amounts

  • Generally we prefer to finance amounts from R1M at the lower end to R25 million at the top for routine & run of the mill needs
  • However, as an exception, we can consider amounts above R25 million for more structured/specialised needs – we even do larger amounts than this using revolving finance facilities and custom built finance solutions

What you will need …

  • Completed & Signed application form

  • Last two years sets of Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

  • Latest Management or Internal Accounts

  • Last 3 months bank statements

  • Debtors & Creditors Analysis

  • Personal Assets & Liabilities (of all shareholders)

  • Overdraft facility agreement (if applicable)

  • Key contracts or purchase orders (if applicable)

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