Purchase Order Finance

for urgent health/medical supply Purchase Orders

There is a critical need in South Africa for medical supplies (PPE, masks, sanitizers, etc.) to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. To do our part in assisting SMEs and PPE buyers (Government and Corporate), we’re prioritizing our Purchase Order Finance & Bridging Finance for  urgent health & medical supplies. Purchase Orders must range from R2,5 Million to R25 Million.

How it works …

Eligible businesses include:

  • urgent/ immediate/ opportunistic trade for critical products under Covid-19 context

  • pivoted products becoming essential under Coivd-19 context

  • those providing pre-existing products currently deemed essentialunder Covid-19 context

Eligible Purchase Orders: 

  • Purchase Orders minimum R2,5M up to R25M

  • requires a solid purchase order directly from an end-client/end-buyer (Government or Corporate) – the PO cannot be from another intermediary

  • financing specially to acquire product/supplies/equipment from local or international suppliers

  • our approach is to base the credit approval on the validity of your confirmed purchase order – and not your financial standing or your collateral

  • examples of medical supplies for these POs: certified masks [N95, KN95, FFP2, surgical masks]; personal protective equipment [PPE]; medical & hospital equipment; sanitizers,; wipes, hand soaps; ventilators; test kits; jump suits

Tips – on being cautious …

  1. guard against buying fake stock
  2. guard against dodgy/fraudster suppliers
  3. don’t be blinded by your anxiety to do the deal, and don’t drop your guard
  4. be aware of your inexperience and lack of knowledge in this new opportunity – be diligent and open to advice
  5. Spartan has implemented a stringent vetting process to avoid such scams and fraud

See more details on how our process works on our Funding under Covid-19 webpage

Purchase Order Finance – Do I Qualify?