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digital billboard funding

what is it?

Spartan’s digital billboard funding is designed specifically for media owners, media suppliers and outdoor advertising agencies looking for a funding partner to back them in developing sites for digital billboards in South Africa.

We provide funding for the purchasing and/or conversion of existing billboards or for the development of new digital billboard portfolios.

As a Joint Venture, Spartan enables an outdoor media owner to develop its portfolio of digital billboard sites. Whilst traditional funders are unwilling to finance unconventional assets like digital billboards we’re an entrepreneurial and alternative funder.

We specialise in funding for leading-edge ‘weird & wonderful’ equipment or devices that don’t fit the conventional mould or are so new-age that they can’t be categorised yet. So if it can’t be categorised how can it be financed? Spartan can and does – because we have expertise in financing specialised assets.

how it works …

  • Spartan will enter into a Joint Venture with your company and together we develop the new digital billboard sites

  • There is then shared ownership in this portfolio with Spartan as your financial partner in this venture

  • We provide the finance to develop the sites, build the billboards and we even provide finance for any administrative needs such as council applications, fees, etc.

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