If a company is considering a term loan, they should carefully consider all of the terms and conditions that might come with it. There are usually some fees involved, and the company may be asked to make a down payment, or to keep compensating balances. These are all additional expenses that a lease will not incur. When compared to obtaining financing through a bank or other financial organisation, remember the added value that Spartan brings as a leading provider of IT financing. Due to our experience and education, we are experts not only in financing, but also in technology. Renting with Spartan will help companies keep up with technology by allowing them to replace or upgrade equipment – either mid-term or at the end of rental. We can take an aggressive residual-value position on equipment from many vendors, and provide the customer with fair market value on mid-term exchanges. And as a total IT financing solution provider, Spartan can structure a rental that rolls hardware, software and services into a single contract with a single periodic invoice. This leads to a simplified budgeting process – the dream of any business owner!