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technology finance

What is Technology Finance?

Technology Finance is a complete solution for your customer that enables them to finance all their technology needs…

  • it is easily affordable and gives you the competitive edge that your business requires
  • much like car finance – technology finance enables an affordable solution: predictable monthly instalments
  • as a direct funder your business will always be only with us
  • we do complete technology finance for businesses
  • so you can focus on growing your business
types of technology we finance ...
information technology
telecommunication technology
security technology
telecommunication infrastructure
energy solutions
just about any business technology

Why get 100% Technology Finance from Spartan?

Spartan focuses on small and mid-sized businesses so dealing with us is nothing like dealing with a bank. We actually look for ways to make the finance option happen for your customer. Spartan is a direct funder so your business will always be only with us. If you think technology finance makes business sense and you want more details take a look at how it works.

Wondering if your customer's business is a fit? Take a look at who we finance.

get technology finance for your customers ...

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