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for leading-edge ‘weird & wonderful’ equipment or devices

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specialised equipment finance

What is Specialised Equipment Finance?

Specialised Equipment Finance is for leading-edge ‘weird & wonderful’ equipment or devices that don’t fit the conventional mould or is so new-age that it can’t be categorised yet. So if it can’t be categorised how can it it be financed? Spartan can and does – because we have expertise in financing specialised assets.

  • it is easily affordable and gives you the competitive edge that your business requires
  • much like car finance – our finance enables an affordable solution: predictable monthly instalments
  • as a direct funder your business will always be only with us
  • we do complete specialised equipment finance for businesses
  • so you can focus on growing your business
examples of some of the specialised equipment we have financed ...
motion capture suits
GPS tracking systems
3D printers
agricultural processing
ruggedised devices
warehousing systems
medical equipment
educational technology

Why get Specialised Equipment Finance from Spartan?

On of the main reasons is that we are a specialist in financing the 'weird & wonderful' - while traditional funders may not be able to help, or may take forever to understand your needs, we are already up to speed and providing this type of finance to businesses like yours.

Spartan focuses on small and mid-sized businesses so dealing with us is nothing like dealing with a bank. We actually look for ways to make the finance option happen for your customer. Spartan is a direct funder so your business will always be only with us. If you think our finance makes business sense to you and you want some more details take a look at how it works.

get specialised equipment finance ...

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