Purchase Order Finance

for larger POs with Government or Private Sector

As an entrepreneur, securing a large Purchase Order with a Government or Corporate client - often means pain & anxiety.

Your suppliers require payment in advance and you run risk the risk of your PO being cancelled, unless they can bridge that cashflow gap.

We’re able to provide once-off or revolving Purchase Order Finance [or Bridging Finance] for  your current & future Government and Corporate Sector POs. However, the Purchase Orders must range from R1 Million to R25 Million.

How it works ...

Eligible Purchase Orders: 

  • Purchase Orders minimum R1M up to R25M

  • requires a solid purchase order directly from an end-client/end-buyer (Government or Corporate) - the PO cannot be from another intermediary

  • financing specially to acquire product/supplies/equipment from local or international suppliers

  • our approach is to base the credit approval on the validity of your confirmed purchase order - and not your financial standing or your collateral

Tips - on being cautious ...

  1. guard against dodgy/fraudster suppliers
  2. don't be blinded by your anxiety to do the deal, and don't drop your guard
  3. be aware of your inexperience and lack of knowledge in this new opportunity - be diligent and open to advice
  4. Spartan has implemented a stringent vetting process to avoid such scams and fraud
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