how partnering works ...

if you advise SMEs that need finance

our different partner programs ...

  • we offer two different partnering programmes depending on the nature of your business
  • one of these is for partners that provide advice to SMEs and have clients that need funding - such as working capital, growth finance or bridging finance needs, some examples of these partners are advisory firms, funding advisors, accounting/auditing firms, organisations & incubators that support SMEs
  • the other partner option is for businesses that sell a product to their SME customers and would like to offer their customers another way to pay for their products - this is our finance for software, hardware, specialised assets, etc.

If you advise SMEs [accounting/business consulting/capital raising] and have knowledge of your client's funding requirements:

  • apply online
  • after submitting your application, we review it
  • when approved, you're assigned a Partner Development Consultant
  • we work together on how best to offer finance to your clients
  • if your advisory clients need finance then you introduce them to us and we then meet with them
  • we can approve a Finance Facility in 24-72 hrs
  • after approval, your client signs Spartan's docs
  • your client pays Spartan on monthly debit order

why partner with Spartan?

  • our partner philosophy
    • peer-to-peer
    • interdependence
    • collaboration
    • candid communication
  • partnering with businesses like yours - is primal to our business
  • structured & purposeful approach to partnering yet its collaborative & flexible
  • we take a purposeful method to partnering but we place even more emphasis on the relationship between us

I'm ready - lets get started ...

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