Mezzanine Finance

a long-term finance product for established SMEs

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mezzanine finance

SME Mezzanine Finance

A long-term finance product for established SMEs, offering more flexibility than bank financing in terms of collateralisation and repayment. Mezzanine Finance is typically self-liquidating and often contains an upside for the funder.

our Mezzanine Finance ...

Our Mezzanine Finance allows the costs of capital to be kept very low as it means that your client doesn't have to give up equity or give away their hard-won profits at the end of the project they're working on.

When your client has the experience, capacity and ability - but not enough capital - Mezzanine Finance is a strategic, long-term solution enabling them to take on and complete numerous projects that result in real growth for their business.

the term Mezzanine Finance ...

Mezzanine is is commonly seen as a generic term for financing that incorporates elements of debt and equity in a single investment. In developed countries it's a sophisticated instrument that is part of a layered capital structure.

However, in emerging markets like South Africa, it is about filling a funding gap instead of filling a gap in the capital structure of the business.

Mezzanine Finance offered to SMEs in South Africa is typically not part of a layered capital structure - but filling a funding gap.

Our minimum finance criteria

  • minimum finance amount from R1M up to R25M [for Specialised Asset Finance min R500k]
  • you are a small to mid-sized business [SME] in operation for 3 or more years
  • with a minimum annual turnover of R10M, or
  • alternatively with an annual turnover between R5M – R10M, provided there is some current growth context [for example a contract, project or acquisition]
  • read more about our Finance Criteria

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