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types of finance:

types of assets we finance ...

Finance all your machinery & equipment that your business needs whether you're in manufacturing, warehousing, agro-processing, mining support, construction, engineering, etc. ... see more about our machinery finance.
For leading-edge 'weird & wonderful' equipment or devices that don't fit the conventional mould or is so new-age that it can't be categorised yet. So if it can't be categorised how can it it be financed? Spartan can and does - because we have expertise in financing specialised assets. Find out more here.
If it has a chip, wires or an IP address we'll probably finance it. For just about any technology your business requires whether its traditional IT or something way beyond that and non-traditional ... read more about our technology finance.
It covers off-the-shelf software or custom development software. For example CRM, ERP, industry-specific-software, web/general/mobile development. Spartan can also finance the various elements of your software project whether it be upfront/annual licensing, implementation, training, software subscription [Software-as-a-Service]. Read more here.
Spartan's Fit-Out Finance covers your office furniture & fit-out. Whether you are looking to refurbish and redesign your workplace, or are looking to move into a new office space, we can finance the entire project. See more.

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*Spartan only finances small to mid-sized businesses [10-500 staff] read more