how to change my go to market

make your customers aware of your rental finance option

It is crucial to overcome the single largest hurdle with your new finance offering: awareness
If your customers don’t know you now offer a finance option - then how can it make the critical difference between a lead and a sale?
Imagine you could offer your customer a perfect solution if only they asked for it - but they never knew it they didn't ask and disappeared.

where to showcase your finance option?

The simple answer is at all touch-points with your customer...the bare minimum being your website, quotes and email signature. Don’t have the people or materials? don’t worry...we are here for you, with our Basic Setup toolkit and our marketing personal - we have you covered.

1. your website

Your website - this is your company’s window to the world, by including your finance option here you will be able to introduce it to people searching for just such a solution…


Include a webpage
on your site specifically describing your rental finance - we provide
you with all the images and copy you need + how to benefit from
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and adwords

Add a menu tab, a banner and a button
on your homepage linking to your rental finance webpage to ensure that
your customers know that they can get your products and services with rental finance



your website with ours by hyperlinking our
logo - this way we both benefit from Google via

2. your quotes

The point that your customer sees the ‘bottom line’ is where they need to see that they have a rental finance option


Include the rental finance amount
in your quote right against the cash price - this will give your customers
the chance to see that there is an alternative way to pay for the products and services they need

3. Your email signature

This is a great place to expose your new rental finance option to all the people you interact with via email


Include the rental finance button
add the rental finance button we supply to your email signature so all
your email contacts can see your new payment options

Your digital marketing toolkit
we supply you with all the go-to-market collateral you will need...including
finance buttons, banners, images, website content, quote content, newsletter content, and any other marketing assets that will help you: Sell more. Faster. More often!

If you don’t have the people, capacity or resources don’t worry - our
marketing team has your back...


Your dedicated partner marketing expert
to help you get all you need from our marketing department - making your new rental & finance
options a success...

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