how does finance help my business

how does finance help my business?

If your customer doesn't want to use their cash for hardware or software – the deal stops after they see the bottom line. We provide the finance that gets you in the door, more leads and more sales. Your customers don’t have to worry about their cash flow, which will speed up your sales process and close those deals quicker.

  1. increase awareness of your finance option – increase leads
  2. up your conversion rate by financing deals … making it easier to buy
  3. finance means quicker decisions and a shorter sales cycles

Remember what finance did for car dealers in the 1950′s, when the norm was to pay cash … a sales boom. That’s the effect that Spartan’s rental and finance can have on your business.

what can finance do for my business?

  • stop losing leads to competitors offering finance
  • increase your conversion ratio
  • minimise scope/budget reduction
  • avoid pressure on your margins
  • avoid giving extended terms & taking on bad debt risk
  • improve your cashflow
  • get payment certainty

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