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Do you find yourself asking "how can I offer finance for my customers - to grow my business?" We can finance all your customers’ software and hardware needs. The customer will always be yours and you will get paid upfront by Spartan. Your customer then repays Spartan with easily monthly terms. Here's why you would partner with Spartan and what it can do for your business ...

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  • when your customer says yes - you'll need to become a Partner

types of finance:

types of assets we finance ...

Finance all your machinery & equipment that your business needs whether you're in manufacturing, warehousing, agro-processing, mining support, construction, engineering, etc. ... see more about our machinery finance.
For leading-edge 'weird & wonderful' equipment or devices that don't fit the conventional mould or is so new-age that it can't be categorised yet. So if it can't be categorised how can it it be financed? Spartan can and does - because we have expertise in financing specialised assets. Find out more here.
If it has a chip, wires or an IP address we'll probably finance it. For just about any technology your business requires whether its traditional IT or something way beyond that and non-traditional ... read more about our technology finance.
It covers off-the-shelf software or custom development software. For example CRM, ERP, industry-specific-software, web/general/mobile development. Spartan can also finance the various elements of your software project whether it be upfront/annual licensing, implementation, training, software subscription [Software-as-a-Service]. Read more here.
Spartan's Fit-Out Finance covers your office furniture & fit-out. Whether you are looking to refurbish and redesign your workplace, or are looking to move into a new office space, we can finance the entire project. See more.

what happens when my customer says yes?


  • download our free App to quote finance now
  • when a customer says yes – you need to become a Partner to make the deal happen

*Spartan only finances small to mid-sized businesses [10-500 staff] read more

  • stop loosing leads to competitors offering finance
  • increase your conversion ratio
  • minimise scope/budget reduction
  • avoid pressure on your margins
  • avoid giving extended terms & taking on bad debt risk
  • improve your cashflow
  • get payment certainty
  • our partner philosophy
    • peer-to-peer
    • interdependence
    • collaboration
    • candid communication
  • partnering with businesses like yours - is primal to our business
  • structured & purposeful approach to partnering yet its collaborative & flexible
  • we take a purposeful method to partnering but we place even more emphasis on the relationship between us
  • there are two partnering options - based on your context:
    1. Express Partner
      • for those looking for an expedient solution
      • for immediate/adhoc deals
    2. Preferred Partner
      • for those wanting to effect serious impact on their business
      • for an integrated approach to your sales & go-to-market
  • after submitting your application we meet to asses & discuss
  • after the paperwork we have an Onboarding Session
  • Preferred Partners are assigned a Partner Development Consultant
  • find out more about how it works here
  • you quote your customer via Spartan's Mobile App or web portal
  • we approve a Finance Facility in 24-72 hrs
  • after your customer signs Spartan's docs - you invoice Spartan and deliver your solution
  • Spartan pays you
  • your customer pays Spartan on monthly debit order

Your customers will be considered for finance if:

  • they are a small to mid-sized business
  • they have between 10 – 500 staff
  • > 3 years old

Your customers won't be considered for finance if:

  • they are private individuals
  • they are enterprise companies with more than 500 staff
  • they are public sector
You don't have to be a Partner to use this app.
It’s a FREE app that allows you to do a quick finance quote - for phones and tablets on Android, Apple and Windows.

  • Quick Quote – a finance option whilst you’re sitting with your client [even works offline]
  • Saved Quotes – view your quote history [even works offline]
  • Submit a Deal – request finance for your client [all in-app]

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*Spartan only finances small to mid-sized businesses [10-500 staff] read more

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