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Compare cash to finance ...

We don’t want to tell you why you should choose us… we want you to come to this conclusion for yourself!  That’s why we've put together a comprehensive list of all your available payment options and their pro’s and con’s - so you can make your own decision at the end of the day. Compare cash to finance and decide for yourself ...

Payment methodCashCredit cardOverdraftSpartan's Rental Finance
SpeedWriting a cheque is fast – an almost instant solution.Quick, although not quite as quick as paying cash. If already in place, overdraft is almost as instant as cash. If not it’s not a fast solution.There is a 24-48 hour credit application process – sometimes less.
Total costNo interest or finance charge. However, this is can be a costly payment method as cash is used to pay for things that can’t be funded – for higher returns than the interest costs of borrowing. This is the most expensive form of payment 90% of the time. There is a very high interest charge, which fluctuates constantly in our volatile economic climate. Not good. There will be an interest/ finance charge. However, this is can be a costly payment method as cash is used to pay for things that can’t be funded – for higher returns than the interest costs of borrowing. There is a finance cost. However, it is modest compared to the price of credit card interest.
ConveniencePaying cash is definitely convenient – if you have it free to use.The supplier is unlikely to accept a credit card payment. Also, the cost of software may exceed available credit, eliminating the convenience factor. Overdrafts are relatively convenient, but are like lifelines - given the unstable economic climate it is prudent to save them.You can get all the software & hardware you need immediately, without cutting down the scope of your project.
It’s a one-stop shop where you get all the funding needed in one go.
Added benefitsNone, except the instant gratification of paying and getting the software straight away.None.None.We not only finance the software project but we provide a finance facility for future hardware and software needs.
When it’s smartWhen your business has surplus money lying around. Never, really. It’s feasible when the purchase amount is tiny.When you have an abundant overdraft facility & an immediate crisis.When you need software acquisition, licenses, implementation, consulting, development and training. We finance it all. When you have a hardware need you want taken care of in one step, by dealing with one company. When you wish to conserve cash and overdraft facilities for future needs.
When it’s not smartFor sensible long term solutions – i.e. when your need is not so critical that you need pass up the extra benefits and better return on investment that comes with finance.For any significant purchase on which your company does not particularly want to pay exorbitant interest. Using working capital facilities [meant for short term crisis needs] for long term fixes such as IT is not smart. When you have a pressing need that cannot wait a couple of hours, then the added interest cost and lack of added benefits of other payment methods make sense.

but is rental finance right for me?

Rental and Finance with Spartan is not for you if:

  • You are not a business, but a single individual buying technology hardware or software. In this case you are looking for short term hire
  • You are a business with ample disposable cash readily available to spend on technology needs
    …. And you don’t want the value-added services rental finance provides
  • You are a start-up company with less than 10 technology users. In this case you will find value in short term hire
  • You are a business with a dire technology crisis that needs solving within the next hour
  • You are a major enterprise company with more than 500 staff
  • When you have all the software you will ever need
  • You actually like shopping around and sourcing/organising technology suppliers, installers, customisation experts, licensing, etc.

Rental and Finance with Spartan is perfect for you if:

  • You are a small to medium-sized business with in between 10 and 500 staff
  • You have extensive/grand plans which need grand software or hardware & would like to have it right away
  • You are a company which wants to conserve your cash, lines of credit at the bank and overdraft for other business needs - or for future emergencies when you’ll really need it
  • You want added benefits, and are prepared to wait 24 hours for credit approval before getting them
  • You need to fund your company’s acquisition, installation, implementation, licensing, consulting, training and developing of technology software or hardware

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