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Property Development Finance

what is Property Development Finance?

Spartan’s Property Development Finance is an alternative funding solution developed specifically for smaller property projects that require more bespoke or joint venture or empathetic financial structuring.

For acquiring property or developing the property or refurbishing the property:

  • Property acquisition – for purchase of your own business property that you intend to use to operate your business from.
  • Property development – for developing commercial, sub-urban retail, industrial or residential apartments for either on-sale or letting.
  • Property refurbishment – for conversion of commercial properties into residential accommodation.

Because no two development projects are the same we take the time to look at the entrepreneur running the project and we make funding decisions based on the particular business context and the nature of the project/development. We fund property development throughout South Africa.

why get Property Development Finance from Spartan?

One of the main reasons is that Spartan works exclusively with South African SMEs and we empathise with the unique challenges and opportunities presented to these SMEs. We also focus on smaller property projects as there is a significant need for finance in this space that traditional funders don’t cater for. Our bespoke finance solutions and our processes are designed to cater to your business needs.

Why use us?

  • smaller development projects

  • bespoke financial solution for specific needs

  • we’re open to discuss joint venture options

  • we have over 40 years of experience financing South African SMEs across many industries and needs

  • financing amounts from R5 million to R50 million (with revolving credit for even greater requirements)

Who would use this:

  • experienced developers

  • seeking an alternative funder to traditional financiers

  • if your property project is smaller than a tradition funder would finance

  • if the property economics stack up – if the numbers make sense

  • if there is adequate risk mitigation in the project

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