Fuel Finance

Diesel cost – in the general transport/logistic sector:

Diesel fuel represents one of the largest expenses for a trucking and logistics businesses. Without the appropriate working capital finance to fund daily fuel purchases – these diesel purchases remain a significant pain to the businesses’ cash flow.

General transporters/logistics businesses:

The logistics sector is one of the most important sectors in our economy, as you are responsible for ensuring the delivery of goods around South Africa, and in some cases, across boarders too. We understand the frustrations that general transporters face, especially those of cash flow challenges, like paying upfront for fuel from diesel distributors.

Where Spartan comes in …

As a company that is dedicated to backing entrepreneurs, we understand that securing Fuel Financing in the trucking/logistics sector is extremely difficult. Securing fuel becomes a massive headache, due to the lack of terms and cash-on-cash (COC) payments the diesel suppliers/distributors demand. Spartan has done extensive research into the fuel and trucking/logistics sector, and thoroughly understands the space. Our fuel finance – provides 30 day terms for all your fuel purchases.

Our solution to your challenge …

your challenge

  • cash upfront and cash-on-cash (COC) needed to pay for daily fuel purchases
  • consequence: constrains your cash flow

our solution

  • Working Capital Finance – Spartan will solve this cash flow issue with our specially designed Fuel Financing offering
  • Spartan provides you with 30 day terms – for your fuel purchases
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