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equipment finance

what is Equipment Finance?

Our Equipment Finance is for traditional or leading-edge ‘weird & wonderful’ equipment or devices that don’t fit the conventional mould or are so new-age that they can’t be categorised yet.

So if it can’t be categorised how can it it be financed? Spartan can and does – because we have expertise in financing specialised assets.

why get Equipment Finance from Spartan?

On of the main reasons is that we are a specialist in financing the ‘weird & wonderful’ – while traditional funders may not be able to help, or may take forever to understand your needs, we are already up to speed and providing this type of finance to businesses like yours.

Traditional financiers focus on funding vanilla/safe assets for two main reasons:

  • predictable and high re-sell or secondary market price value

  • wide audience of secondary buyers for more common assets

In the case of the weird & wonderful specialised equipment the challenges are:

  • there may be no or a very low auction value

  • very few buyers for niche/specialised assets

Not all businesses need common asset types and many of them often require more specialised equipment – but what happens if you can’t get finance for it …

  • your business just goes on without it – the impact is anything from loss of productivity to profits
  • you use your cash reserves to pay for it – when this cashflow should be preserved for shorter term needs

get equipment finance …

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