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employee testimonials

why is Spartan considered one of the best companies to work for?

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“At Spartan you are motivated to aim high and stretch yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve. There are no set limitations, and you never feel stunted in your personal and professional capacity. I started my journey at Spartan as a cleaner, and today I am a receptionist, with various responsibilities that extend beyond my title, and with the aspiration to climb even higher.”

– Jacqueline Malatsi

“Every day, in all situations, you are challenged to evaluate and re-evaluate your approach, skill set and development needs – then make that happen. At Spartan we are obsessed with learning and development, and this not only drives our shared passion for helping small and medium businesses grow, but also facilitating internal growth.In this environment you receive all of the support you ask for and need.”

– Koos Van Den Berg

“Working at Spartan gives me a great sense of achievement on a daily basis. I enjoy coming to work and the satisfaction of bringing in new clients and building a relationship with them from the very beginning of their journey with us, right to the end. You are given the opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and from a career-perspective, and I am continuously gaining new skills and learning, which is extremely fulfilling.”

– Tanya Oakes

“Spartan has an inclusive culture – with open communication to all staff regarding the direction of the company, its successes and setbacks. This is very different from any other company I have worked for, and makes a big difference to how I feel about my job and my contributions. To me, the people I work with, and environment I work in are extremely important – and at Spartan I am surrounded by good friends who have become a supportive family.”

– Jessica Metzner

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career opportuinities