e-sign step by step guide

e-sign step by step guide

1. you will receive an email with a link, this will pop up in your inbox as a mail from our Legal Operations Manager or our friendly Support Officer

2. when you open your email, you will see a button labelled ‘View Documents’, click this button to follow the link to review & sign the document


3. you will be taken to a DocuSign webpage and see this request… click the ‘Review Documents’ button on this page to e-sign


4. you will then be prompted to enter your SMS ‘one time pin’ that we sent you


5. the document to sign will appear on your screen & a pop-up button will ask you to allow geo-location in order to enable and fully secure your e-signing process, click ‘Allow’


6. you will be prompted with ‘Initial’ and ‘Sign Here’ tabs in locations where you need to sign on the document – click these blocks and your signature or initials will automatically be added


7. choose your e-signature based on how you want your signed name to look


8. you will be prompted to insert required info and sign:


9. after this, click on the yellow ‘Confirm Signing’ block on the left of the page


10. … and you’re done! DocuSign will show you that you have completed signing your documents – you can create a DocuSign account or log in to view your signed documents


11. close the DocuSign window – when you do, you will see Spartan’s thank you page
you will receive an email from DocuSign confirming that your document signing has been completed, click the ‘View in DocuSign’ to see your signed document online or see the attached pdf