Covid-19 Tech Tools

During this challenging time a number of businesses and individuals are finding new and innovative ways to continue operating remotely.

In some cases this means that employees are working from home and in other cases it means that the customer or client is the one that needs a new method or platform to be serviced and/or engaged with.

Even though you are home, you still need to your business to run. There are certain key activities you still must perform.

For starters:

  • you still need to interact with your staff
  • you still need to reach out to clients
  • you still need to contract with clients

For some businesses this is still achievable even in the lockdown period all you need is the right tools to make it happen.

But now you do not have time to investigate all the options out there, perform a detailed review or due diligence, and select a product based on some criteria.
We at Spartan have gone through this already and want to share with you our selections in a hope for you to save time and get productive and back to business as soon as possible.
We have created a number of guides to explain and assist in setting up and using some of these tech tools …

The below tech tools guides will be expanded in the future:

  • For team management and communications, we have opted for Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams is designed for communicating and sharing work when staff members work remotely or from home.
  • This tool has been invaluable for spartan and we urge you to take a closer look at this. We have crafted a document you can download to get you starter.
Download Teams Guide
  • Sometimes phoning a client is just not enough. You may have to give a presentation or have multiple people meet at once.
  • Having a conferencing tool suggests professionality and that your company is up to date with all the digital trends.
  • Here at Spartan we have selected Zoom, there are many other products out there, but we have selected Zoom based on the simplicity for users of the software and the rich feature set is has to offer. Again, we have crafted a document to get you started with Zoom.
Download Zoom Guide
  • Once you made your sale pitch with your potential clients, you now must seal the deal with formal documentation. In this lockdown period it is very difficult to circulate physical paperwork and rely on email acknowledgements.
  • This is where Spartan recommends DocuSign. It is a e-signing platform that facilitates signatures between parties.
  • It is totally legal for 99% of documents in South Africa. For sale agreements or purchase agreements it is totally enforceable in Law.  The linked guide will help you get started with DocuSign.
Download DocuSign Guide

check back soon for regular updates