corporate social responsibility

Under our social responsibility umbrella, we have proudly supported:

  • Mandela Day River Clean Ups
  • The Johannesburg Library Adult Literacy Program
  • The UN Children’s Fund
  • National Business Initiative
  • Business Against Crime
  • Lerato Love Homes
  • Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • Dr Knak School
  • The National Computer Literacy Programme

supporting micro & start-up businesses

We don’t just believe in helping the bigger guys – we believe in uplifting and growing the South African economy from grassroots. That’s why when we can’t help a micro business that doesn’t qualify for finance we assist them with leasing Refurbished IT. These are laptops, desktops and printers that have come off-lease, have been fully refurbished – and are now affordable and accessible to micro’s and start-up businesses.

supporting our planet

We care a great deal about our planet and one of the areas where we’re able to make a responsible impact is around green computing. We do this by combating electronic waste through correct disposal and e-waste recycling methods & standards.

In addition, our approach is to maximise the beneficial use of technology by our multiple re-use strategy. Practically, when the IT assets come off-lease instead of scrapping it we first re-use it by utilising it in Short Term Hire. Secondly, by refurbishing and re-selling it to first time IT users and start-up businesses via our affordable & accessible e-commerce platform Half Price Computers. In this way these machines live many lives and help many people whilst minimising environmental pollution through re-use.