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what is business finance?

Our business finance is the funding of small and medium-sized business for all their financial needs. This ranges from technology [hardware & software] and equipment finance to working capital finance. We offer business finance that backs entrepreneurs.

Efficient cash flow management is the lifeblood of any SME. At Spartan, we live this – which is why we offer SME finance. Our various finance products help your business to retain cashflow – so you can use the cash where it should be used.

In today’s economic climate, businesses need to retain their cash reserves and preserve their lines of credit. Small and Medium businesses are at the core of the South African economy and in order to grow, access to affordable & alternative sources of finance is critical. This is where we come in. We help SMEs grow.

  • Our expertise is in financing specialised assets.
    What does this mean? When you need to finance specialised assets – that your bank or traditional funders don’t understand or avoid – we will back you. We finance machinery, specialised equipment, technology, software, office fit-out, etc. If you’re not sure if we will finance it just ask – chances are we could.

  • Avoid using your working capital or overdraft.
    Rather use Spartan’s  finance facility [credit line] which acts as a wallet of credit. This credit line has a 3 year availability period.  It can be used for ‘bits & bobs’ or larger items. Working capital or overdraft is a scarce resource that should either serve as a buffer for tough times OR give you confidence for the future.

types of business finance …

Growth Finance

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Growth Finance via a number of our financial mechanisms

Mezzanine Finance

Specialised Asset Finance

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Machinery Finance
Specialised Equipment Finance
Technology Finance
Software Finance
Fit-Out Finance

Working Capital Finance

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Bridging Finance for 1-3 month terms

Medium Term Loans for longer term needs

Our minimum finance criteria

  • minimum finance amount from R1M up to R25M
  • you are a small to mid-sized business [SME] in operation for 3 or more years
  • with a minimum annual turnover of R10M, or
  • alternatively with an annual turnover between R5M – R10M, provided there is some current growth context [for example a contract, project or acquisition]
  • read more about our Finance Criteria

how it works …

When we provide business finance to SME’s, our approach is to give you an upfront finance facility. This acts as a wallet of credit to be used when you start with us & for all your future finance needs. Once the initial basic contract documents are signed and everything has been approved and set up you receive your finance facility. Click here for more details….

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