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Advice from a Funder

This page provides a number of different resources ranging across different aspects of business. The intention is to provide SMEs and Entrepreneurs with real-world application resources, materials and guides on key aspects and topics of their business, so that they can grow and consequently become viable companies that funders and independent financiers would take seriously.

In order for a SME to achieve the funding that they so vitally need – the company needs to be a solid investment that a funder can take seriously, believe in, and practically see how the loan or investment would be paid back or serviced. At this point the solidity of the business will be looked at. Does it have a clear sales strategy? How does its marketing work? Does the business owner have all the people they need?

Advice from a funder …

A few FAQ’s …

Spartan is strictly focused on Small & Growing Businesses. We’re 100% committed to only helping SMEs grow. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our processes. It’s in the way we engage.

You will be considered for finance if:

  • you are a small to mid-sized business
  • 3 years old
  • your annual turnover is R10 – R500 million

Exceptions: we make regular exceptions for companies doing R5 – R10 million turnover per year – provided there is some current growth context happening [for example a contract, project or an expansion].

Depending on your unique situation, Spartan can help by crafting a finance option tailored to your exact requirements and needs.

Such as:

  • Generally we prefer to finance amounts from R1M at the lower end to R25 million at the top for routine & run of the mill needs
  • However, as an exception, we can consider amounts above R25 million for more structured/specialised needs – we even do larger amounts than this using revolving finance facilities and custom built finance solutions
  • Bridging Finance: 1-3 months
  • Working Capital Finance: 1-3 months
  • Growth Finance: 12-36 months
  • Specialised Asset Finance: 12-36 months

From the time that we have received all your information:

  • +- 5-10 days to approval
  • sometimes quicker or longer depending on your responsiveness
  • Spartan finances in a no/low collateral context, with an approx 5-10 day turnaround
  • therefore we supplement your bank rather than substitute it
  • our pricing is relative to the above
  • however, against usual secured overdraft rates – our costing is reasonable
  • we adopt a structured/customised approach to funding SMEs
  • we supplement a bank we do not substitute a bank
  • this means our clients utilise the banks for their traditional/vanilla finance needs & Spartan supplements this for their specialised/growth needs
  • your bank will typically require a higher degree & higher quality of collateral where Spartan as an alternative funder focuses more on backing an entrepreneur
  • Spartans average turnaround time is 5-10 days – for highly specialised/complex funding needs

Documents we require include:

  • online or offline finance application
  • historical financial information (for Spartan to assess business retrospectively) – this includes AFS/Management accounts and Bank account details/statements
  • business owners personal assets – we do secured and unsecured lending, this helps us with our risk mitigation

Why no business plan? We believe in meeting with the entrepreneur in order to understand the business holistically – from their perspective.

  • Spartan has elected to focus on South African SMEs exclusively
  • We do not finance any businesses outside of South Africa
  • We deal with SMEs all across South Africa – our head office is located in Craighall, Gauteng and this office handles nationwide enquires
  • With Spartan you can sign all our docs online, on your mobile – wherever you are in the world
  • It is completely safe and legal
  • We make use of a top tier service that enables quick, easy and safe e-signing
  • find out more about our e-signing safety here
  • find out how to e-sign here

Radio Resources

Radio 702

The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield

The paradox of the SME sector …

Length: 22:11

Classic FM

Classic Business with Michael Avery

What does 2020 have in store for the SME sector …

Length: 08:17


Today with Kieno Kammies

Is there a future for the unemployed?

Length: 13:46

TV Resources

BBC Africa

Different perspectives of funders and lenders …

Length: 12:50


The future of SMEs in South Africa …

Length: 4:40

Big Small Business Show on Business Day TV

“The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice. The programme is tailor-made for entrepreneurs, giving great insight and tips to those who want to grow their ventures, as well as those who wanting to take the step towards entrepreneurship.” – Big Small Business Show Website

Our CEO Kumaran Padayachee often appears as a guest on the Big Small Business Show together with the show’s host Allon Raiz – the two of whom often have robust and colourful debates around SMEs and the different approaches to strategy and business.

DSTV Channel 412 Broadcast Times
Mon 21:30 | Tues 10:30 & 14:00 | Wed 14:00 | Thurs 10:00 | Fri 18:30 | Sat 18:00 | Sun 18:00

Article Resources

Covid-19 Relief Register

Spartan SME Finance will continually develop this webpage as a resource – that provides Practical Guidance to assist South Africa’s SMEs and Entrepreneurs in managing themselves & their businesses through this Covid-19 Crisis.

The 1st category we’re providing is a Relief Registry of all current & upcoming relief programmes by both Government and Private Sector – including our thoughts/guidance [will be regularly updated].

Covid-19 Tech Tools

During this challenging time a number of businesses and individuals are finding new and innovative ways to continue operating remotely.

In some cases this means that employees are working from home and in other cases it means that the customer or client is the one that needs a new method or platform to be serviced and/or engaged with. There are certain key activities you still must perform…

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