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what they say

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

We actively canvas input from our customers and partners. And we thrive on these insights to improve, learn & grow. This is how we remain relevant.

what they say …

Pioneer Academies

“The devices we selected where Chromebooks, these are important for our blended learning program – the ability to finance our technology devices allowed us to have more capital available to hire more teachers.”

Damany Gibbs – COO Pioneer Academies

Cash Converters

From a franchisee point of view finance allows them to guard their working capital more closely and take the money that they would have spent and use that cash effectively to pay for our consumers who are selling us goods or borrowing money from us… it allows our franchisees to employ more people because they have more ready, working capital to actually pay salaries at the end of the month…”

Richard Mukheibir – MD Cash Converters South Africa


“They were more like a big brother, I mean just knowing that you are doing this project and you got a big brother literally backing you – they say ‘financing that backs entrepreneurs’ and they really do. In terms of the process – they supported us right through, the banks were not able to give us what we wanted but still Spartan was flexible enough to say let’s look at other ways of doing this. To this day I’m proud to be associated as a partner because Spartan literally treated us as a partner, its not just a transaction – a once-off transaction – its more partnership and enabling you to deliver whatever it is you need to.”

Tshidi Mndzebele, CEO AvenirHoldings

Raven Construction

“We are building contractors that specialise in high end residential, small commercial and tenant fit-out. Our challenge was that the faster we grew – we couldn’t keep up with the needed cashflow in our pocket. We asked for a type of a bridging finance just to fill in the gap between interim draws that need to be paid out, to the point where we actually receive the money – we need that cashflow in between. The experience was quite straightforward – its very human friendly lets put it that way … the guys get involved immediately and they make it more personal in the sense that they have affection for what’s happening in the business and what’s happening outside – that experience you don’t get with a bank.”

Theuns Vogel, CEO Raven Construction

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“Managing our overheads and cash flow is vital. Renting technology solutions, such as expensive software, rather than buying it upfront, frees up cash flow.”

Kris Durman, Corporate Services Director National Business Initiative

“The technology headache associated with new employees is removed. New members of the team can hit the ground running, with no outlay, cash or otherwise, from the IT department.”

Keith Opperman, Operations Manager Davies Diagnostics

“Spartan has shown the flexibility and innovation required during our decade long relationship to quickly evolve to meet the customers’ requirements.”

Michael Davies, Managing Director ContinuitySA